ZAEV Academy for Public Policy

The framework ofthe "ZAEV Academy for Public Policy"will have the goal of continuous education and improvement of the skills of the participants by developing the topics of democracy, sustainable development and European integration, while understanding the process of creating public policy. The exact number of participants, the required professional qualifications and competencies, the application process, the selection process (electronic application, project/case interview and one-on-one interview), and the exact program with lectures and interactive workshops, seminars and visits will be further defined. The realization of this Academy envisages it to be composed of 2 (two) modules, in which there will be a celebration of 2 (two) internationally important days, as follows:

  • The first module of this Academy will be the celebration of the International Day of Democracy on 15 Septemberdeclared by the United Nations General Assembly to build a society with inclusive democratic governance, with respect for human rights and the rule of law. The celebration will include the organization of activities for achieving social justice, encouraging economic and social development of the community and cohesion of society.
  • The second module of this Academy, in addition to other activities, will mark the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on 21 May, declared by the United Nations General Assembly to build intercultural dialogue. The activities will be aimed at creating a public policy with respect for social, ethnic, national, religious and cultural differences as a speciality. Among the previously mentioned activities will be the opening of a local gallery (in the underground square on the territory of the municipality of Strumica), which will help future generations to connect with history, and at the same time build an intercultural society. This gallery will aim to promote the diversity of cultural wealth, as the best guarantee for a peaceful and just world of cultural diversity.